Thursday, April 8, 2010

R St. Raw

R St. Speaks is an Open Mic that is on every first Wednesday of EACH month. Its pretty vicious. This Wednesday was My first time seeing the Open Mic, and being able to see other students from the school sing, read poetry, and spit some sick shit. Shannon was the host, and she is a rapper, actress, and singer. I can't remember all the names but I know we had Tony, Lauren, Ellen, Margaret, Diamante, Zach, Kenny P., Chris, Asja, and two other girls that I could not remember their names. There was a free style session, where they played a beat and who ever wanted to could get up on stage and FLOWWW. They also had a "battle of the sexes" so I would call it, and it got a bit out of hand but veryyy amusing.

Fashion is number 1

Omg, like if you came to the school, you'd think we were running a fashion show. Everyone has their OWN style whether you or others like it or not that person rocks it they way they want to, and people should respect that dont cha think? I mean people are still wearing 2000-2008 trends. Not everyone wants to wear high waisted skirts or tight skinny jeans lol. But other rock that ishhh well. And others have their creative style. If I could I would take pictures of almost every kid who goes to duke includinggg the teachers!
This week had such greaaaat HOTTT weather, and everyone was dressed so awesomely I just had to capture these quick shots!
Well, Well, Well....
Welcome to my blog :)
I hope you all will enjoy this, and feel free to give me feedback on what you like and what you dont like everyonce in awhile, as well as ideas to put up!
I love to blog, and particularly this blog will be about the fashion trends at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. As you know many artists are very expressive in various ways and I'd like to capture these outfits and memories to show it to the world. :D As well as what goes on in this amazing art school I attend. A mini bio of myself: I am a first year junior at Duke, and I transferred to this school at the beginning of the year from Wilson Senior High School( I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY TIGERS). I am in the visual arts department. (But if you'd like to know more about me and my life check out my other blog

I hope you enjoy!